Objectives and Goals

Among other things forestvale agro ecological project stands;
- to ceate a replicable working example at forestvale farm using the same renewable resouces that most rural farmers have access to and can use with little or no cost.

- to ceate employment and reduce dependence ratio in the local farm community by activating underutalised resources and factors of production.

- to ceate an independent farm community that produce, manufacture, process,distribute,sale and consume with little or no intervantion of the outside industry.

- to help in environment cleaning by use of enviromentally freindly production methods,mainly organic farming and waste biodigestion and recycling.

- to facilitate rural sustainable development by encouraging fellow new farmers to emplement integrated biotechnology farming techniquies as an alternative to the costly unsustainable modern farming system.

- to develop training facilities to local smallholders farmers who have limited access to agricultural information and technology

- to bring back the seemingly forgoten animal traction (power) into use as a way of reducing dependence on petrolium based energy in farming.
- create a well balanced production,distribution and retail channels by forming both consumer and producer co-operatives in the local area.