Obout volunteers at Forestvale (UNDER REVIEW)


At forest vale farm we had a number of tasks and activities that our project require us to do.Most of these activities are daily or weekly routine tasks such as watering gardens,manuring,feeding livestock,composting,planting etc.

These activities (as organic farming economics reflects) produces relatively low returns in the short run so they often create a deficit on our budget if labour is hired. In our search for the best way to move the project ahead without straining shareholders' personal savings we settled for Volunteer powered labour.the most appropriate category being WWOOFERS (willing workers on organic farms)

Forest vale farm at large has a considerable experience in receiving and working with volunteers from various countries around the world.We had also researched extensively on volunteer compatibility in relation to our project,thus consulting other local volunteer organisations,volunteer/wwoofer host projects travel agency and experienced volunteers themselves to assure our ability and readiness to handle this dynamic resource.

We however admit that our services are not of top grade but we assure prospective volunteers an exclusive hands on conservation and ecological farm experience and all the best that come with it.

Who to volunteer at Forest vale
  • Men and women of 16 years and above who are, able-bodied ,love nature and who carry a great enthusiasm of agro-ecology or organic farming.

  • Individuals who had studied or have experience in any relevant field especially Agriculture and Environmental sciences are highly welcome to volunteer at Forest vale.

  • Any race or religion is acceptable as long as it does not compromise our values and objectives

  • Dew to our location,accommodation and nature of our work children are not advisable to be part of volunteers visiting forest vale ,however negotiations can be made in special cases to where children are inseparable.

NOTE: The ability to work with people of different cultures and background is needed.
Volunteers are advised that having fulfilled all the above is all but a first step to come to Forest vale,
Careful and constant communication with the Project coordinator's for booking and other necessary arrangements before visiting the farm is required.

What we expect from WWOOFERS

- Notice of interest must be given in at least a month before the intended arrival date.

- volunteers/wwoofers willing to work 8 hours a day will receive free accommodation and food

- Woofers working less than 8 hours a day will get free accommodation but will be asked to contribute towards food.

- accommodation given to wwoofers will depend on the number of volunteers and family members present at a given time and in some cases wwoofers will be asked to share rooms or dormitories.

- wwoofers are also advised to have personal savings to use for food and transport in case of logistics breakdown or financial crisis.

Getting started at Forest vale.

Upon arrival or soon after wwoofers are given orientation to the farm and the current activities in which they will be expected to help.

This introductory activity is lead by project coordinators or any experienced worker ,giving new comers a clear picture of how things are done

As mentioned above wwoofers form an important component of our project therefore the success or failure of it lies on the degree of unity between volunteers, workers and the farm family,we because of this call everyone a team member for it is a team that wins NOT a collection of people.

The coordination of individuals is of high value at Forest vale so volunteers/wwoofers with good interpersonal skills will enjoy their stay.

As team members of our project volunteers will face the following among other daily activities;
1) Provision of general assistance to farm work as required and preferably without supervision

2) To generously contribute to the project their skills,experience,knowledge and any relevant information necessary at any given point.

3) Safe-keeping and improving our natural surrounding in any way possible according to organic standards.

4) To faithfully represent our farm/project to the external community and bring as many interested people as possible to witness and or help our initiative.

5) Participate in other local activities that are relevant to our project where necessary especially for the benefit of the project itself.

On behalf of the Forest vale Agro-ecological team I guarantee every prospective volunteer a wonderful experience!

CONTACTS; phone -0027745658748/0027718634892.
                      email- tarirai@forestvale.co.za
                     web   - http://facebook.com/tarirai mpofu
                              - http://tarirai.blogspot.com/

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