Research and Trials

The Integrated pest management field trial begun very well, with lots of rain received during and after the planting of Napier grass and Desimodium.
Land preparation begun on the 21st of October, the contoured field was measure, marked and divided into 9 plots measuring 5 x 4m leaving a 1,5m pathway fro plot to plot that gives the total area of 378m2,with a perimeter of 78m (where Napier grass has been planted).Kraal manure and bone meal was applied to the plots before planting to improve our soil that has currently lower levels of Nitrogen and Phosphorus than require to grow sorghum in Eastern cape.
The Napier grass that will serve as the pulling agent was planted from both root stocks and cuttings from 22nd to 26 October.Desimodium green leaf was planted by the Dohne Research center officials a week later(2nd November 2010)