Monday, December 7, 2009

Other members of the garden

these natches trees are now enjoying being part the garden as they are benefiting from vegetable irrigation.


  1. Nice pictures, Tarirai.
    I see you are making use of the Canon camera you won for the best letter in the Farmer's Weekly. Congratulations

  2. I like the swale and the deep mulch.
    'Nache' originates from the Tamil word nartei meaning citrus and is in common usage in the Forest Vale area near Chintsa. The word has been used in South Africa since 1790, but the first written recorded English use is by Graham Green in the Tavern of the Seas 1947. (Jean Branford: A dictionary of South African English. Oxford 1978.)

    Also known as the naartjie (Citrus reticulata, Citrus nobilis), or nartjie, is a soft loose-skinned South African citrus fruit. It is also known as a mandarin, satsuma or tangerine outside of South Africa.
    It is impossible to slice the nache as you can a lemon or an orange, however, a nache 'skuifie' or segment, is the ultimate favourite in South Africa with tequila shooters.