Saturday, May 15, 2010


our nguni cattle
As one of our main objectives is to create sustainability through use of renewable resources that are friendly to the environment,we had acquired a multipurpose Nguni cattle.We are looking forward to use the cattle for ploughing(ox-ploughing),manure production,milk and beef production.Our herd of 5 consist of 2 pure Nguni bullocks and 3 Nguni-cross Holstein-friesland heifers.
We are now getting manure conveniently for the garden,fields and for composting.However this had added some weight on our workload.the general organic practice is that the kraal must be always with bedding(dip litter). the bedding usually made of straw or grass is used mainly to absorb urine and to keep animals warm in winter.My current observation showed me that this is also a way of getting an excellent nitrogen rich well trashed mulch and compost matter as long as you constantly replace it before decaying and oxidation.
We are currently grazing the cattle allaround the farm while working on ways to put a better grazing system, we therefore welcome any sugestions on grazing and feeding.We are also feeding them stalkborer affected sweet-sorghum using cut and carry method.

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