Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Abuscular Mycorrhizal (AM) fungi play an important role in plant health by improving nutrient (especially phosphorus) and water uptake by their host plant and providing protection against soil-borne pathogens. In return, the fungi receive carbohydrates (sugars) and growth factors from the host plant. Other benefits include: increased resistance to foliar-feeding insects (Gange and West, 1994), improved drought resistance and increased tolerance of salinity and heavy metals. Increased uptake of macronutrients other than P, including N, K and Mg has also been measured as well as increased uptake of some micronutrients maintaining soil aggregate stability. Many agricultural practices including use of fertilizers and biocides, tillage, monocultures and the growing of non-mycorrhizal crops are detrimental to AM fungus communities.
Mycorrhizal fungi is one of the most important fungi known to man which must be given room to grow and establish in any mycorrhizal plants to promote its beneficial symbiotic relationship with about 82% plant species.
We have recently introduced spores of this fungi into our vegetable and grass fields.The fungi that comes in powder form has been supplied by Biocult a 200g packet that can cover a hectare of vegetables.

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