Saturday, December 26, 2009

forestvale tick-eating dog!!

our dog is somehow permanantly disabled, it can't open its mouth despite several attempts to get experts to help.Tessa's jaws are locked how and why we dont know,only what we know is She has a strange behaviour that goes along with her strange deformity.Tessa understands the logic of ecological interdependence more than most five sensed people.
whenever the Horse comes close to her she moved herself carefully under its belly and with great care tries hard with her lips and front teeth to get every present tick into her mouth.The horse has nothing to worry about as it had discoverd that Tessa can't bite and after all the scretching of her belly and thighs is the best massege and leisure a horse can get on earth.
Vet doctors have advised not to breed Tessa becouse of her deformities and her unclear pedgree but how about having a generation of nonbiting tick eating dogs on organic farms.

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