Saturday, December 26, 2009

we have uninformed,noncommited hence ineffective youth

youths are not only leaders of tommorow but are the next generation of Earth castodians therefore I feel that they must be fully equiped and be highly paticipative in enviromental turnaround strategies.Thanks to the farmers weekly magazine for publishing my article on Novermber 20.

To The editor

From Tarirai MPOFU

editor I am much concerned about the young south africans living in farms or farm compounds.once upon a time I asked a 30 year old guy what he likes for breakfast he joyously answered 'porridge with peanut butter', when again I asked him how about planting some groundnuts in his back yard , he annoyedly answered with a question 'what are groundnuts?'.again one weekend of september ,I [qualified agric extension officer] spent the whole day cleaning and sorting a fowlrun for a 27 year old lady who had requisted my technical help during my off duty but could't make it outside her bedroom because she was very bussy with her unemployed boyfriend and secrificed to let me withdraw my free technical support .On satuday 24 october I bumped ito a meeting for youth called by a church organisation at old bylets school in cintsa, the attendace was pretty disgracefull.Just imagine a meeting called by a church which has a vision to freely equip about 300 youths with technical skills nevertheless only 7 including myself were the only youth the paster preached to ,other 9 or 10 were white haired chaps.What a shame youth, you are school drop outs ,you are poor,you are unskilled you are compound dwellers you are immature fathers and mothers but you are keen to let oppotunities slid away from your hands so crazyly.what can any one do for you then?

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