Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sorghum is suitable for low rainfall areas

We had clearly seen that sorghum does very well at forestvale farm and probably in most areas around the wild coast region of earstern cape.Despite the eratic insufficient rainfall that we had recieved this season our sweet sorghum is showing no signs of moisture stress.If an ecological solution can be found to reduce damages by Stalk borer and Quellia birds this can be one of the most profitable crop to grow in our area. The crop is evergreen except during midday.We are looking forward to have a good harvest and this will help to shape our rural sustainable development model.The goal is to show the local community how sustainably they can earn a living from sugar,biofuel,beverages(wine),cattle feed etc through the use of their seemingly unproductive land for sorgum production.

We are expecting more local small scale farmers to also join and grow this sweet sorghum so that it can be economically viable,have a planned effective production and distribution system that is effective local production,effective value addition proccess,effective disribution of finished products and effective fair wealth building of the community.

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