Sunday, February 21, 2010

We planted Sweet Sorghum

We had planted a sweet sorghum variety called sugargraze on our ridged piece of land.
This is going to serve as a trial in sorghum production for silage,sugar,ethanol,grazing,traditional beer brewing among other uses in the community.
The seed was treated and according to organic principles we had to wash it before we plant that also gave the seed chance to sprout and enhanced germination.On the 26 of December the seeds were planted.

The big benefit of growing sweet sorghum is that it has high sugar content.
According to Pacific Seeds a registered seed house sugar-graze had tested 35% sugar on drymatter.
Its sugar content increases as it matures with high levels occuring after flowering and during the seed set stege- this is when it should be cut for silage.
key features
1)very high dry matter production
2)very high sugar leves
3)drought resistance
4)wide range of disease resistance.

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