Saturday, October 2, 2010

composting at Wensleydale organic farm.

During my one work stay I was tought one of the best compost making fomula.

The compost in the photo is made of alternating layers of grass, cow manure,chicken manure and horse manure. Its 2m long, 1m wide, 1,5m high and every strata is 45cm high, watered 100lt per day turned in four weeks time and harvested after 6-8 weeks (depending on the type of biomas used, grass compost mature faster).

Apart from improving soil fertility its said that compost helps to control pest and diseases by keeping the soil at optimum condition and providing alternative food for crop parasites and pests.

At Wensleydale farms compost heaps are also used as nursary beds for sweet potatoes for early planting,Because its always hot up to 72degrees so sweet potato shoots don't get frozen during winter when most farmers start nursing it for early summer but often lose it to frost or alternatively delay their planting.

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